Trinity Episcopal Church Lawrence, Kansas

This sermon has an admittedly inflammatory title, especially for a sermon on Gun Violence Awareness Sunday, but Fr. Rob is speaking as a progressive and advocate for eliminating gun violence, especially in our schools.  In this case, he is talking about four things he sees liberal, progressive advocates opposed to the proliferation of guns and gun violence in our society sometimes making as they seek to advance their cause.  Those four things are

1. basic ignorance about firearms
2. unrealistic, intractable stances on the issues
3. a tendency to demonize their ideological opponents
4. a failure to vote

He concludes with comments towards clergy who may be hesitant to engage in the issue of guns and our society in their home parishes.

This sermon has already received a lot of feedback, some critical, some positive, and Fr. Rob welcomes conversation about the issued raised in it.

This podcast is a recording of the sermon preached on June 3, 2018 at Trinity Episcopal Church in Lawrence, Kansas.  You can learn more about Trinity Lawrence at

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